We need new ideas to deal with congestion on Kentish Town Road, says Oliver

Rainbow painted on a road

Dealing with congestion is a challenge which is why it is important to trial new ideas.  A solution for the Kentish Town Road pavement widening is to remove the kerb entirely and create a shared space for pedestrians and cars. The Streetscape at Exhibition Road near the Science Museum is a good example of how […]

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Disabled people should have face to face care if there is another lockdown

Face of Sarah Hayes

LISTEN: Sarah’s difficulties facing the healthcare system during the pandemic Transcript: Hi, my name is Sarah and I am going to report on the difficulties I have had on facing the health care system.  One of the problems I have had is that there is a lack of communication. You try and phone and all […]

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Reporter Fatima shares five things she’s looking forward to now lockdown is ending

Building called Festival Hall at night time.

All of us have hobbies and activities we are excited to get back to when government guidelines allow. Here are five things Fatima is most looking forward to: Going to Costa Coffee shops. Going bowling. Going baking at the Ingestre Community Centre. Going to the South Bank. Going to ask the gym about yoga. What […]

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I worry that people with disabilities don’t have support to use Zoom

A lot of people are using Zoom to connect with their friends and family nowadays because the lockdowns and social distancing rules have made it quite hard for people to chat with their loved ones. But I worry that many people with learning difficulties and disabilities don’t have the right support or equipment to be able […]

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Jill and Mary grill urban design company over Dartmouth Park ‘rules’

Chetwynd Road

In this piece, community reporters Jill and Mary interview design engineer Rebecca Jones from Urban Movement about the Dartmouth Park ‘charter’. Working together with the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum, Urban Movement held in-depth conversations with local residents, businesses and organisations last year before writing up a report and setting out its ‘charter’ of rules or […]

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Mik’s first drive to hospital through the Arlington Road LTN

I live with in the Arlington Road Lower Traffic Neighbourhood and just took my first trip to the Royal Free Hospital since the project started. Roads total gridlock. A journey that used to take 10 minutes took 34 only by using side roads. The whole project isn’t cutting traffic it’s making it sit solid, unmoving […]

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Island crossings and A boards could be dangerous, says Robert

By Robert I’m writing about Kentish Town Road because that’s my daughter’s favourite shopping street. It’s where she buys her balloons and cakes; and catches the bus into town. Eléonore is 31. She has severe learning disabilities, impaired vision and hearing, mobility problems and suffers from unpredictable and frequent epileptic seizures. Nevertheless, she loves being […]

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