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My name is Fatima Begum

My background is Bangladeshi, but I was born in the United Kingdom.

I have been taking part in the Camden Disability Action Leadership programme since June 2020.

When the first lockdown started and I could see how isolated people were, I decided my Leadership project would be about helping Disabled people to connect with others on Zoom.

I can speak for myself; I didn’t know anything about Zoom until a CDA member of staff explained it to me. It opened my eyes to the possibility of connecting with my support network online and made the lockdowns more bearable for me. Talking to people online has also helped my confidence.

I honestly feel proud of myself that I was able to learn something new during that first lockdown. I feel like I have more support now because of everything online.

And I can’t believe that people are starting to get involved in my project now and learn how to use Zoom on different equipment.

I’m hoping to get a job when all this ends and now that I can use a laptop better that has really helped me.

I have taken part in community journalism training and I have learnt how to record voice notes, which I had not done before. I have also gained confidence in talking about things that matter to me and I love sharing my stories on the website.