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My name is Fatima Begum

My background is that I’m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 but originally I was born in the United Kingdom.

I have taken part in Camden Disability Action leadership programme since June 2020.

I felt I was taking ideas and actions on what my project and presentation should be about and when the first lockdown started I decided I would work on a project and presentation about Zoom. I honestly can’t believe that people are starting to like my project and presentation about zoom and knowing how important it is and knowing how to use it on different equipments. I can speak for myself, I did not know anything about Zoom until Carly told me and explained it to me. It has given me fresh perspective of being connected with my support online and has made lockdown a lot better for me. It has helped my confidence to talk to people online using video call platforms.

I honestly feel proud of myself that I was able to learn something new during lockdown. I feel like I have more support now because of everything online.

I’m hoping to get a job when all this ends and now that I can use a laptop better that has really helped me. I’m happy 😃 of learning new skills since lockdown started.

I have taken part in community journalism training and I have learnt a new skill on recording my own voice on audio which I have not done ✅ before but now I feel I have learnt how to record my own voice on audio and talk about  important things that matters to me and I’m happy to share my stories on the website. It gives other people the chance to look at my stories and read about my stories on the website.