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My name is Sarah I have lived in Islington all my life but attended school and college and the Roundhouse in Camden. I have also now been volunteering in Camden for over 10 years. I have two loving parents and sister who have always supported me throughout my life and have never been judgmental of my learning disability, physical disability or mental health problems. After graduating from University in 2010 I attended Young People for Inclusion (YPFI) as a volunteer and went on to gain paid employment with YPFI in 2014 as Forum Leader and Access Auditor. Ten months later I was promoted to the position of YPFI Facilitator and stayed in that role until YPFI shut down in 2018.

I am proud of my YPFI legacy. My work there helped give disabled people a voice on topics including public transport, education, housing, and making buildings including leisure centre, library, cinemas, and restaurants more accessible to disabled people, people with hidden disabilities and people with learning disabilities. It has made me passionate about continuing to campaign for disabled people to have the same rights as non-disabled people to access leisure, public transport, education and housing.