My name is Fatima Begum

My background is that I’m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 but originally I was born in the United Kingdom.

Like millions of other people, I learned how to use Zoom last year so I could communicate with people during the lockdowns. Though I was happy that I’d learned about it, I was concerned that some other Disabled people were not benefitting from Zoom either because they didn’t have the right equipment or because they weren’t being shown how to use it. I realised that without video-chats, many Disabled people would be feeling lonely, especially during the lockdowns. So I decided to use the skills and confidence I gained on a CDA leadership programme to do what I could to change this.  Since learning about Zoom during the pandemic I now appreciate how important it is to be connected to people online.

After taking part in community journalism training with Camden Disabled Voices I have learned how to record my own voice which is a new skill for me. I’m happy to share my stories on the website and it gives other people the chance to read about me and my thoughts.

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